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I am a graduate of the Royal College of Art living and working on the Isle of Skye.

Previously I was Head of BA(Hons) Fine Art at Hull School of Art & Design, and now freelance as an fine artist, curator, illustrator, and writer. I have extensive experience in creative project & events management, as well as in arts development.

My dual background in arts and sciences

(I started out in life training to be a vet) informs my work, which is primarily based upon the natural world, ecology and experiences of place. It is sometimes created in collaboration with conservation organisations & environmental charities.


Through visual and literary storytelling, I aim to communicate environmental and social themes to inspire curiosity, wonder, and debate around the rich layers of understanding and engagement with our habitats and other species. I draw upon diverse sources, both current and historical, including ecologies, traditions, politics, lore and natural sciences.... I love a good research project.


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